Day 46 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 46 - A picture of your favorite state

In a word: chaos.  It seems to be how we function best around here these days.

I assume this is actually asking me to post something which represents one of the 50 states... but I am choosing to pick a state of mind/life instead.

Day 45 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 45 - Your favorite food

I'm pretty sure that Day 11 was the same as today... and I seem to recall I picked coffee... so today I shall pick pie made with summer fruit... because it goes well with coffee and there is never any left.

Day 44 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 44 - A hobby of yours

So, I decided upon knitting. It was really down to either knitting or baking... and while I do bake a lot, that is more of a necessity than a hobby... I don't really need to knit... I don't do anything especially artistic with it... I just do it because it's something to do with my hands while I watch tv and the end result is something functional.

Day 43 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 43 - The weather outside

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

It's supposed to be almost 60F tomorrow with thunderstorms all day.

Spring has officially sprung with April showers hopefully bringing May flowers.

Day 41 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 41 - Someone in your family

These are my kids.  This photo was taken last summer.  My daughter and son had just collided while playing outside.  She had been jumping in puddles and he was doing I do not even know what... I'm not even sure if he was aware he had bumped into her... he just kept moving, doing his thing...

Day 40 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 40 - An embarrassing picture from your childhood

I am not easily embarrassed. I do not even really find this photo embarrassing.  However, my mom thinks it is and she picked it out for me since I was having a hard time settling on one.

Day 39 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 39 - Your favorite picture

I'm sorry, but you cannot ask a photographer what her favorite picture is and expect her to actually come up with her favorite photo.

My favorite photo shifts as quickly as the light. I simply cannot pick one and feel confident it is still my favorite even 20 minutes later.

Day 38 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 38 - A useless trinket you own

This is my little glass owl.  I adore my little glass owl.  My sister gave him to me.  He sits on my shelf, in my office, making me happy.


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