Day 35 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 35 - Favorite movie that you own

This is my five-disc Blade Runner collectors edition.  This is not my favorite movie, although I do really love it, but it is definitely my favorite movie I own simply because the set is so indepth.  I took entirely too many art of the film type classes in school.  I live for information about how films, especially ones I adore, were made.  The creative process, how props were designed, how it all came together.  Blade Runner is especially fascinating to me because despite the age of the film - it was made in 1982 - the special effects are still, for the most part, better than any other sci fi movie I've seen.

Also, how can you resist a young Harrison Ford?  This is the Harrison who brought Han and Indy to life... before he had his mid-life crisis and seemly went crazy pants.

Oh, Ridley Scott!  You own my heart.