Day 26 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 26 - A gift from your family

The back of this painting reads "23 May 1997 To my beloved Hadley on her graduation day - I'm proud of you not because you've earned a degree - but because you have become an artist! Love, Pop!" I made him cross out "have become" and change it to "ARE" because I was a brat.  

When we lived in Lexington, the hallway leading up to the 2nd floor bedroom - which I occupied for a while and then my parents did - was covered in little paintings my father had done.  This was hanging above the banister about half way up and I used to stand on that stairwell for hours studying it.  

It's got this intriguing texture to it, but the figures are completely smooth. I have always loved this painting.  I have a number of my fathers works, but there is something especially enchanting about this one, to me.

It has traveled to Berkeley, CA and Ascot, England with us and now hangs in our hallway and I stop before it multiple times a day because it still enchants me as much as it did when I was younger.