Day 16 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 16 - Something embarrassing in your room

The way my sister and myself talk to our guinea pigs is embarrassing for anyone who happens to have to be in the room with us.  We will scream out "Oh piggies!" and the piggies will begin squeakign back at us.  I've also been known to sing songs to them that have lyrics such as Who has the cutest little tiny piggy toes? Who has a fuzzy little tiny piggy nose?  Who's the little piggy who I love to hold so much?

Basically, we are insufferable when we are holding the pigs.

I'm sure I was supposed to photograph an object or something, but I'm simply not easily embarrassed. I'm not even embarrassed by this photo of me smashing Zu-Zu and squeaking at her... I have nothing I care if people see.  So, I settled on this.  Because I'm sure the other people who live with us would prefer we didn't do it.