Day 15 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 15 - Your childhood home

I grew up on Somerville Avenue in Somerville, MA.  We lived in our house from when I was just shy of three through fifth grade.  I couldn't decide quite how to handle this one. I don't live so far from there now that I couldn't head over and take a phot of the outside, but that doesn't really show you my childhood home.  The home is not the structure so much as what is in it, the objects and people and memories.  SO, here it is.  More or less.

First photo is of my sister on her first day of preschool.  It is the only photo I could find taken outside the house.  Second is of our backyard.  My Grandma on my dad's side bought us that playset and we played on that thing every second we could.  Third is of my sister, our best friend, and myself in our shared bedroom during a birthday party.  That bedroom changed a lot.  We changed the placement of the beds, then eventually we got a bunkbed... it was an awesome room. It also got painted lavendar at some point.  Fourth image is of our livingroom.  That's my father and grandfather (my mom's dad) sitting by my dad's sculptures and one of his paintings.  Fifth image is of our kitchen. This one was taken on Easter. I picked this one because I remember that there was always laundry hanging from he clothes line but this is the only photo I could find with any laundry in it.  Final image is of our front hall.  We spent a lot of time playing in our front hall. I am not entirely sure why.  This one is on Halloween just before we went out trick or treating.