Day 10 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 10 - Your bedroom (In it's current state)

Ok... when I was 15 I would have relished todays photo assignment.  Now that I'm in my 30's and have two small children and my bedroom has become a dumping ground for all of their outgrown clothing I need to sort through and all the Christmas decorations I have been too lazy to tuck away where they belong... I am not so excited about this one.  I wish it had said "your room" because then I could have photographed my sewing room/office as that is my little space which reflects me.

So... I decided to photograph Arwyn's artwork which has been on our wall since she did them when she was four.  They're an illustration of Dorothy on the yellow brick road, of a spider in a rainbow web, and of my husband sitting on the couch with a Spider-man hand... because everyone needs a Spider-man hand!