Day 8 - 100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 8- A picture of the best moment of your life

I don't have a best moment in my life. I hope I have not yet had the best moment of my life. I hope it is always yet to come.  I do, however, have endless moments which make up a happy life.  So, here are 25 of them.  This could have contained a hundred and it still would not have made a dent. I am blessed.

They are, from the top left: walking past the horse farm with my mom or my dad when I was super small, summers spent at The Farm with my family, seeing Santa with my best friend Gwen while my sister Zoe stood screaming in terror in the corner, anytime I was with both Zoe and Gwen, my childhood on Somerville Ave, Halloween - I will always love Halloween, graduating college, visiting Ry's parents in Washington DC, Ryan's and my wedding, the years we lived in Ascot, England, seeing Arwyn in the ultrasound for the first time, Arwyn's birth, taking Arwyn to the ocean for the first time, taking Arwyn to the Farm for the first time, seeing Gideon's ultrasound for the first time, Arwyn trying to talk to Gideon through her play phone, Gideon's birth, anytiime my kids are together and getting along, summers at Lake Sunapee, hiking with Ry and the kids, anytime spent at The Farm with family, making faces with Zoe, camping with Ry and the kids...